Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin was born in London in 1963, and today she lives and works in London and France. Her work takes many different forms of expression, including needlework, sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, video and installation.

Tracey Emin came to prominence as one of the loose grouping of contemporary artists popularly referred to as YBAs (Young British Artists). This group of artists, also including Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas and Angus Fairhurst, often exhibited together and collaborated (one of Emin’s early projects was a shop she ran with Lucas in East London). Emin’s work is uninhibited in the way it absorbs and reflects her personal life- whether in seminal installations such as Everyone I Have Slept With 1963-1995 and My Bed.

Emin has always been inspired by expressionist painters Edvard Munch and Egon Schiele (evident in her Diploma Work Trying to Find You), although her work is also explicitly feminist.Viewing her work generates a experience of intimacy as a result of Emin’s emotional honesty in reflecting on meaningful moments from her life. 

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