Stow Art House

Stow Art House is a stylish Art gallery in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Visitors will find a warm welcome within, along with original 20th Century British Art. Specialising in Abstract art from St Ives, sculpture and a selection of country furniture.

What’s on?

25 Under 5

We will be counting down the days to Christmas on Instagram. A new picture released every day in December, which you can find here at Stow Art House. 

You can expect to find original artworks by Artists such as Sandra Blow, Trevor Bell, Rose Hilton, Alan Davie, Adrian Heath, William Gear, Wilfred de Glehn and E.H Shepard.

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Late Night Shopping

Join us for Christmas Late Night Shopping in Stow on the Wold. There will be Christmas drinks along with 25 pictures for £5,000 or less. 

25th November 5-7pm 

3rd December 5-8pm 

9th December 5-7pm